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About Us

One of the world's largest manufacturers of adhesives for all types of flooring installations.
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The W.W. Henry Company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of adhesives for all types of flooring installations. Established in 1933 by Warner W. Henry, Sr., HENRY was initially developed to manufacture roof coatings, roof mastics and driveway sealers.  By the 1950’s W.W. Henry was the largest flooring adhesive manufacturer in the U.S. W. W. HENRY pioneered the use of “emulsion” (latex-based) adhesives, expanding from Linoleum paste type products to multi-purpose, cove base adhesive and acoustical ceiling tile adhesives. In 1964, the company introduced HENRY 356, a multi-purpose latex-based flooring adhesive. HENRY 356 became the most popular flooring adhesive in the country and remains the best known multi-purpose flooring adhesive in the industry today.

In 1986, Armstrong World Industries purchased the W.W. Henry Flooring Adhesives Business from Warner Henry. During the 1990’s, WWH was the first adhesive manufacturer to switch from solvent-based adhesives to solvent-free adhesives.

In 2000, the W.W. Henry Company became a part of ARDEX Americas, and today HENRY is one of the pillars of the ARDEX Americas brands. The fit was a natural one, as both companies share a culture of innovation, excellence and customer service.

The Professionals’ Formula for Success

Flooring installation professionals have confidently passed on the use of HENRY premium flooring adhesives from generation to generation. Like a life-long family friend HENRY has always stood for excellence, reliability, innovation and service.

Commitment to Our Customers

Each contractor that uses HENRY products and every distributor that carries the HENRY brand,we consider our partners. The W.W. Henry Company maintains a steadfast commitment to the growth and profitability of our customers’ businesses through…

  • Unmatched customer service from 80+ of the most knowledgeable Field Sales Professionals in the industry
  • HENRY’s technical support team with extensive expertise for any type of flooring installation
  • A strong commitment to research & development

Green When Green Wasn’t Cool

The W.W. Henry Company has demonstrated consistent leadership in reducing the environmental impact of our products and minimizing the footprint we leave behind. The first in the industry to develop solvent-free adhesives in the 1990s, we recently introduced a new environmental standard, HENRY® GreenLine™ Environmental Technology.

All HENRY® GreenLine™ adhesives have ultra-low VOC emissions, are hypoallergenic, solvent-free, have virtually no discernible odor and can help projects qualify for valuable LEED points.