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Environmental Commitment

The W.W. Henry Company is fully committed to protecting and sustaining our environment. We embrace the responsibility of doing our part to pass onto our children and the generations beyond, a safer and better world in which to live.
Being “green” isn’t just a marketing slogan at The W.W. Henry Company; it’s a part of our culture.

The W.W. Henry Company’s commitment to sustainable development includes the:
  • Development of environmentally friendly products
  • Impact that our facilities have on their surrounding environments
  • Support and encouragement provided to our employees to act as stewards of our planet and its resources

It is not just by meeting industry and civic environmental regulations in our day-to-day operations; we go to great lengths to take into consideration the environmental impact of our products during research & development, through our manufacturing processes, and understanding what effects our products may have on the environment when they are put into use.

The W.W. Henry Company continues to make environmental improvements in our products, our facilities and our processes a significant priority......simply, because it is the right thing to do!

HENRY® GreenLine™ Adhesives

As we develop products The W.W. Henry Company Research and Developement team comprised of highly experienced scientists and technicians work tirelessly to develop new formulas that reduces the ecological footprint of our products by consuming fewer natural resources, making use of recycled materials, reducing emissions and other improvements that will have a positive environmental impact. Sometimes it's what a product doesn’t have that makes it better.
1. Low VOC Emissions
2. No Odor
3. Contributes to LEED points

The W.W. Henry Company was the first adhesive company to introduce water-based adhesives eliminating solvents in the 1990’s. We also were the first to introduce ultra-low VOC emissions and low odor technology in flooring adhesives with the introduction of the HENRY GreenLine™ Environmental Technology.

When using HENRY® GreenLine Adhesives our customers don’t have to sacrifice quality or performance for an ecologically friendly solution. HENRY Adhesives are high performance, reliable products backed by 75 + years as the professionals' formula for success and a steadfast commitment to protecting the environment.
HENRY® Biobased Adhesives
Created by the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 and expanded by the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) BioPreferred program earned the endorsement of the Oval Office in 2012, encouraging increase in use by as much as 50 percent. Biobased products such as HENRY® 682 LinoLock and HENRY® 622 VinylBond exceed requirements for Biobased carbon content (ASTM D6866).

A Corporate Wide Commitment

The W.W. Henry Company and its employees at each of our facilities are committed to environmental sustainability. We are proud of our employees' commitment as environmental stewards and provide encouragement and support for their environmental conservation efforts. At our corporate headquarters our employees have implemented two programs, Adopt-A-Highway and a Paper Recycling Program.

Adopt-A-Highway Program
Many employees at the corporate office and plant participate four times a year picking up litter and debris from Todd Road, a 1.5 mile stretch that leads into the ARDEX / HENRY campus. Litter and debris is collected from the roadside, hillsides and wooded areas that line Todd Road and then is properly disposed of for recycling or waste.

Pails for HENRY Adhesives are made from 25% up to 100% recycled materials.

Our plants have reduced their dumpster waste by as much as 50%. These recycling efforts are significantly reducing contributions to landfills.

Recycled items include:
  • Wooden pallets
  • Chemicals
  • Paper
  • Plastic
Energy Conservation 

New energy saving technologies and processes designed to reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources has been implemented at our plants. Plant managers and technicians are always looking for new ways to be environmentally and financially responsible.
Some of the efforts include:
  • Energy efficient lighting fixtures
  • Solar energy sources
  • Motion detectors
  • Low flow water systems
  • Efficient compressors; 10% less energy usage than older models
  • Car-pooling to reduce gasoline consumption and emissions
  • Flex-time to reduce energy usage by eliminating one shift per week

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