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HENRY® 682 LinoLock™ Premium Linoleum Adhesive - Tile and Sheet

A premium, high performance, professional-grade adhesive for the installation of linoleum flooring, including linoleum sheet and glass-backed or polyester-backed linoleum tiles.
  • Aggressive early grab
  • Excellent bond integrity
  • Easy to trowel
  • Moisture & alkali resistant
  • Biobased carbon content (ASTM D6866)
  • Solvent free, low odor and low emissions
  • Antimicrobial product protection
HENRY 682 is a premium, high performance adhesive for the installation of linoleum flooring. HENRY 682’s aggressive early grab makes it ideal for all formats of linoleum flooring, including linoleum sheet and glass-backed or polyester-backed linoleum tiles, effectively minimizing stability and memory issues often associated with linoleum. HENRY 682 is a biobased GreenLine® product, meeting the emissions requirement of CHPS 1350 and contributing towards LEED® points.
Bonds To:

Refer to the flooring manufacturer's specific recommendations for suitable substrates.

  • Porous: Concrete, cementitious underlayments, suspended APA grade underlayment plywood, underlayment board, and radiant heated subfloors where temperatures do not exceed 85°F (29°C) on all grade levels, as well as over properly primed above grade gypsum underlayments 
  • Non-porous: Terrazzo, ceramic tile, steel, stainless steel, poured polymeric floors and existing, fully adhered, non-cushion backed resilient on all grade levels.
Trowel Recommendations:
1/16" D x 1/16" W x 3/32" A
600 to 800 ft²/4 gal.
1.5 x 1.5 x 2.4 mm
55 to 74 m²/15.14 L
Carefully read and follow all cautions and warnings on the product label. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for additional product information.
Tech Support: 800-232-4832

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