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HENRY® 425 TileFlex™ Thinset Mortar

An economical thinset mortar for easily setting quarry, stone, and ceramic tile.

  • Easily sets quarry, stone, ceramic, and mosaic tile over most surfaces
  • Sets porcelain tile for interior applications only
  • Easy to use – just add water, no additives required
  • Use for exterior applications and wet areas
  • Three-hour pot life for easy installation


HENRY 425 TileFlex Thinset Mortar is a Portland cement-based, polymer-modified thinset mortar used to install quarry, stone, ceramic, and mosaic tile over most interior and exterior surfaces.  It can also be used to install porcelain tile over interior absorbent concrete surfaces.  (For marble and other moisture-sensitive tile and stone installations, use HENRY® 316 MarbleFlex™ Marble & Stone Thinset Mortar.) 

Bonds To:

HENRY 425 TileFlex Thinset Mortar bonds to concrete, cement backer boards, drywall, terrazzo, and masonry.  (For wood surfaces, use HENRY® TileFlex Plus™ Flexible Thinset Mortar or HENRY® TileFlex Pro™ Premium Thinset Mortar.) 

Trowel Recommendations:

1/4” D x 1/4” W x 1/4” A
70-80 sq. ft./40-lb. bag

1/4” D x 3/8” W x 1/4” A
55-60 sq. ft./40-lb. bag

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Tech & Installation Info (English)
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SDS US & Canada (English) GRAY
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