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HENRY® 554™ Underlayment Primer

HENRY 554 LevelPro Underlayment Primer is a high Strength, solvent free primer that prepares substrates prior to the installation of HENRY 555 LevelPro™ Self-Leveling Underlayment
  • Easy to use single component primer that requires no mixing
  • Formulated to dry fast, enabling quicker floor installation
  • Installs with a brush, push broom, squeegee, or short nap roller making it versatile
  • Economical to use, covering 100 sq. ft. undiluted or up to 200 sq. ft. when diluted
HENRY LevelPro 554 Underlayment Primer is a universal underlayment primer formulated for use over all typical substrates and improves the adhesion of LevelPro 555 over concrete substrates.
Bonds To:
HENRY LevelPro 554 Underlayment Primer bonds to and prepares clean, sound, solid, completely dry, concrete that is free of all contaminants, as well as mechanically roughened ceramic, concrete terrazzo, plywood, cutback adhesive residue, and electric radiant floor heating systems.
Application Tool Recommendation:
Apply HENRY 554 Underlayment Primer using an exploded-tip stiff bristle broom.
100-125 sq. ft./Quart


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