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Product Listing

HENRY® 445 Fast-Setting
Flooring Underlayment

A fast-setting, cement-based underlayment that is ideal for patching and leveling concrete.


  • Versatile – ideal for patching and leveling concrete
  • Fast setting – ready for most flooring in 1-2 hours
  • Excellent fill characteristics
  • Non-shrinking for reduced installation time
  • High compressive strength
  • 5-year limited warranty




HENRY 445 Fast-Setting Flooring Underlayment is a cement-based underlayment used for patching and leveling concrete subfloors on all grade levels.  Recommended for light traffic areas.


Bonds To:


HENRY 445 Fast-Setting Flooring Underlayment bonds to concrete (interior and exterior under flooring; must be dry and free of excess alkali), suspended and wood underlayments (not for stripwood over 4” wide), ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble and polymeric poured floors, primed poured-in-place gypsum subfloors, and radiant-heated subfloors where the surface temperature does not exceed 85°F (29°C).


Trowel Recommendations:


Patching and leveling subfloors

Smooth-edge trowel

40 sq. ft.(4.4 sq. yd.)/25 lb. at 1/8” thick



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