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HENRY® 547 UniPro Universal Underlayment

Our best universal underlayment, for use as a patch, underlayment, or embossing leveler.

  • Extremely versatile- use with almost any substrate
  • Fast setting – ready for most floors in 1-2 hours
  • Excellent fill characteristics
  • Non-sanded formula trowels easily for a smooth finish
  • Non-shrinking - reduces installation time
  • Exceeds 5000 PSI compressive strength – the highest available
  • Convenient sizes: 3, 10, or 25 lb. box


HENRY 547 Universal Underlayment is used for preparing substrates to accept flooring.  Its unique formula makes it extremely versatile for use with almost any substrate.  Follow the flooring manufacturer’s specific installation recommendations  HENRY 547 Universal Underlayment can also be mixed with HENRY 546 Feather Edge Additive and used as an embossing leveler over existing single-layer resilient flooring prior to the installation of new residential resilient flooring.

Bonds To:

HENRY 547 Universal Underlayment bonds to concrete, ceramic tile, quarry tile, and terrazzo (except metal terrazzo strips), wood and wood underlayments (wood should be suspended; not for stripwood floors), clean and abraded steel, stainless steel, brass and lead, primed poured-in-place gypsum subfloors, and radiant-heated subfloors where the surface temperature does not exceed 85°F (29°C). 

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SDS US & Canada (English)

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